Odds Bodkin: Hercules in Hell

Sun Jul 29 2018 7:00pm to 10:00pm
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Odds Bodkin - Hercules in Hell

ODDS BODKIN tells The Runaway Horse

Hercules in Hell - The Underworld Confession

Born angry and much too strong, Hercules kills his teacher, and then, in a blood madness, his own wife and children. Only twelve astonishing Labors for his despised cousin can cleanse Hercules’ of his gnawing guilt. The Hydra. The Birds with Brass Quills. The Girdle of the Amazons. The Augean Stables. And many more. Trapped in the Underworld until he tells his life story to Hades and his queen, the half-man half-god recounts his tragic and beautiful tale of redemption.

Join master storyteller and musician Odds Bodkin for an evening of adult Greek mythology and vivid imagery, brought to life with character voices and a full original score on modal 12-string guitar.